filk_of_belac (filk_of_belac) wrote,


Title: Memory
Mythos: Vorkosigan Universe
May be sung to the tune of: Mountain Man
Owner of the original: Echo's Children
Written on: Fall 2006

Background: From Miles Vorkosigan's point of view, after his discharge from Impsec.

I’ve fled to the hills to plan my next tactic
Considering what life can now offer me
If Grandfather lived I would ask for his counsel
I think of him often at moments like these

The Dendarii hills, they were ever your haven
Against Cetaganda, your grit kept us free
Your legacy made, that you feared I would tarnish
I think of you often in places like these

I don’t have your height, or your strength and your courage
I know that you were disappointed in me
But I hope if you knew what I’ve done you’d approve
I think of you often on journeys like these

I make a burning here by your gravestone
And I hope wherever you are that you see
For though you disowned me you’re my greatest hero
I think of you often at moments like these
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