filk_of_belac (filk_of_belac) wrote,

The Miracle of Life

Title: The Miracle of Life
Mythos: Politics
May be sung to the tune of: The Living Earth
Owner of the original: Echo's Children
Written on: Summer 2006
Background: I wrote this song in Egypt, listening to the Echo's Children song. Too often nature is celebrated simply because it's beautiful.

It is the hottest summer heat and all the world is brown
Sand and rock for miles stretch far from the nearest town
under stones are lizards taking refuge from the sun
far from the trees I still can see how all the world is one

humans work in evenings and rest through the hot days
upon the meager grasses herds of sheep still graze
The camel and the cactus keep their water close at hand
The drive to live where’er you are we all can understand

The forests’ leaves are easier to love or to ignore
But the deep desert’s beautiful, and the bare arctic shore
Even rotting carcasses, that died in nature’s strife
Reflect the beauty that we call the miracle of life

from the wastelands we pull oil, leaking like a sieve
Mountains of our garbage we dump where nobody lives
Factories and middens we put not in our backyard
Places less desirable left permanently scarred

We take pollutants out of streams and dump them into swamps
Save the fields but toss our trash into the ocean’s damps
mining ruins valleys whether they were fair or plain
Destroy what you deem ugly and no beauty will remain


let’s save the trees but spare a thought for landscapes stark and dead
Reduce our footprint even where most of us never tread
Let’s learn to love the web of life wherever it is found
Even the most empty place let’s treat as holy ground

grasses eke their living out on windswept taiga steppes
penguins live on barren ice in far Antarctic depths
Around hot springs bacteria live deep beneath the sea
In truth I love the living earth wherever it may be

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