filk_of_belac (filk_of_belac) wrote,

River and Her Firefly

Title: River and Her Firefly
Mythos: Firefly/Serenity
May be sung to the tune of: Metroid and the Mother Brain
Owner of the original: Ben Newman
Written on: Summer 2006

Once the Allied Parliament, the rulers of the stars
engaged in an experiment to build a tool of war
And so they took a teenaged girl, and tore apart her brain
and they gave her skills with which she could kill and they made her suffer deadly pain

They guarded that girl carefully, in the research lab confined
For she could read the hidden truths kept buried in men’s minds
And so she learned a secret that, should ne'er see light of day
There matters stood, but it was no good, for with her brother's aid she ran away

Word's come down from Parliament to River Tam erase
For if her secrets come to light it will shake all of space
Op'rative, you know the tale, there's no need to ask why
It is your fate to exterminate River and her firefly!

My ship, it sails the outer worlds, we're smugglers and we're thieves
When we heard her tale, even I grew pale, ‘twas too vile to believe
You know that I'm a browncoat true, I fought all through the war
The Feds can wait, for it's them I hate, I'll turn you in for no reward

Oh on this quest I'll gladly go, and I'll take up the fight
I'll find out what they're hiding and I'll put these wrongs to right
So my crew is at your service, then, also my Firefly
I'll jump double quick for the chance to stick a finger in the Core Worlds’ eye

It's up to you now, Simon Tam, all the medicine you know
You have to make your sister sane, and tell me where to go
I won’t lie, I think we’ll die, but I know we have to try
River and you, you're on my crew, your home is on this firefly!

I was born on Osiris, where my life was carefree
‘til with all I’d learned, a place I earned at the Academy
I wrote that I was doing fine, but that was just a sham
for they cut my brain and drove me insane, I forgot my name was River Tam

They taught me how to read men's minds, and fight like in a dance
and placed in me suggestions that would put me in a trance
and how I hate those scientists, my childhood did take
with a psyche that's a weapon, hidden knowledge the system to shake!

He need not send a force of feds, to find out where we are
He’ll use my conditioning to control me from afar
Sometimes I think it’s for the best, that I should simply die
We’ll all be dead for what’s in my head, if I stay on this Firefly

Although Haven is destroyed, our other hideouts lost
we never will give up the search, no matter what the cost
So Wash, you take us on our way with every ounce of speed
The lengths they'd go to stop us show that what River knows is grave indeed!

And we will find the secret world, to Miranda we will go
We'll find out that world's secrets, what is hidden we will know
and the empty space between, we'll boldly pilot through
And with corpses stripped we'll adorn our ship as all the gorram reavers do

And the Reavers we will lead to fight, the Alliance we'll disperse
And we will sail right past them straight to Mr. Universe
And we will all the system show just what they did and why
The hunter and his boss will wish they'd never crossed River and her firefly!

'Til the Allied Worlds should hunt this girl and seek her Firefly again!
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