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Heart of the Wild and Free

Title: Heart of the Wild and Free
Mythos: Heroic
May be sung to the tune of: Lord of the Dance
Owner of the original: Tune is adapted from Shaker hymn "Simple Gifts" by Sydney Carter in 1963. The lyrics I used were from the Irish Rovers version.
Written on: December 2007

I’ll dance in the evening when the fiddles ring
'round the hearthstones you can hear me sing
My banner flies, forever proud and free
And if I must fight, I’ll fight for thee

Dance, dance, and I will play for thee
I am the heart of the wild and free
No sharp steel can ever bend my knee
And no high wall can contain me

I came to your castle and they feasted me
Your kinfolk misliked the songs I sang to thee
In the night, to a forbidden song
This I swear, we did no wrong


We thought our love could beat their rules
And we tried, but more we were the fools
They demand confessions and my flesh they’ve rent
But we did no wrong and I won’t repent


I tried to leave, but they barred the gate
You warned me to flee, dear, but it was too late
They prison my body, but my soul still roams
And in your heart it’s found its home


They bid you close your ears and eyes
But freedom’s a light that will never never die
Although I’m gone, remember me
and while you do, dear, you’ll be free

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