filk_of_belac (filk_of_belac) wrote,

In Anauroch

Title: In Anauroch
Mythos: Forgotten Realms
May be sung to the tune of: I Am A Rock
Owner of the original: Simon & Garfunkel
Written on: Fall 2001

Look and see
the sands go on forever

In Anauroch
Gazing from my tower
to the streets below
boredom and ennui are driving me to go

To Anauroch
to the de-e-e-e-sert

Though the Phaerim
from their prison deep and mighty
have made their esca-a-ape
I have no fear of Phaerim
or of the floating Shades
though violence and murder are their trade

And the Bedine
I've heard of them before
they tra-a-aveled from Al'Qa-a-dim
Though they come at me with numbers
in numbers will they die
my power will make them wish they never tried

In Anauroch
In the De-e-e-sert

I have spellbooks
and my wizardry to protect me
I am Shielded and Mage Armored
This land like unto a tomb
By mage's folly doomed
it holds no fear and holds no dread for me

Just Anauroch
Just the de-e-e-sert

for Anauroch I am fain
to the desert journey I
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